Reebok wanted to create a brand new movement in running through a multichannel campaign called Run Easy. Reebok has strong brand recognition, but a much smaller share of sales than competitors. They wanted to create a perception that running was for everyone, not just for the elite. To reach a wider audience of everyday runners, Reebok reached out for unique ideas. Working with music provider Ruckus, we designed a service to relate music playlists to running styles.

Users were prompted to create a playlist with their favorite music they listen to while running, or any other activity; Playlists for a jog, playlists for working out, playlists for getting to class, or any music playlist to Run Easy. We also added peer-to-peer marketing options by offering users the ability to download, purchase and share their playlists to generate additional traction. Reebok was able to connect with a new demographic through a digital media platform that extended the reach of their movement. This project was the essence of digital transformation, positioning a business to leverage technology and connect with their customers in everyday society.