Jewel Toned

Jewel Toned is an incredible fashion company that has developed an alternative to shapewear. Created by Rachael McCrary, a lingerie expert who realized her friends had one intimate apparel problem in common – feeling bad and uncomfortable in their shapewear. A better option didn’t exist, so she created Jewel Toned. The result? Shapewear that isn’t quite underwear, and isn’t quite outerwear. Perfect for women who make their own rules.

This was a perfect fit for CH Digital and our desire to break the rules of digital development. We helped Jewel Toned redesign their Shopify ecommerce platform, while introducing several SEO techniques that increased the company’s ranking by 120%. We also assisted with introducing new digital marketing strategies, email campaigns, A/B testing and heat mapping to optimize the entire customer experience. These activities increased the company’s user base by 200%. You can visit Jewel Toned at