As user generated content became increasingly popular, Doritos wanted to leverage their customer base for an incredible concept. Instead of spending millions on Superbowl commercials, they would spend it on a multi-dimensional media campaign that allowed Dorito lovers to make their own commercials for a chance to Crash the Superbowl. Low budget, viral, and fan-inspired commercials created a media campaign that has last 10 years for Doritos.

At the start of the campaign, Doritos needed to reach the right demographic to help them receive the best commercials. In a partnership with Ruckus, a free media service for colleges, we developed a revolutionary online submission platform. Working with film / television departments and students across the country, we helped Doritos sort through the best commercials with a rating system. College students could upload their Doritos commercial, share it through Facebook with their friends, and generate popularity through voting. This viral sharing model not only helped the Crash the Superbowl campaign gain momentum, but it also allowed users to select a winner that was eventually revealed live during the Superbowl. Thousands of entries were received, millions of people voted, and one campaign became an epic sensation.