American Idol

For the 14th season of the historical hit show, American Idol had to begin wrapping things up and consolidate 14 years of music and stories. To do so meant centralizing an enormous online presence while also incorporating new features to connect fans with their favorite performers easier than ever. The new American Idol website needed to improve user experience and simplify the way viewers found and interacted with information.

To do this we relied heavily on Acquia’s multisite Drupal platform. Leveraging the existing framework built for the new site, we were able to share code between the two platforms to support American Idol. The redesign helped keep the user experience consistent between Fox shows while also adding new social engagement elements between the fans, show, and performers. The new site also allowed American Idol to release next day full episode viewing across multiple platforms for the first time in the show’s 14 seasons. Voting was also an integral part of the new experience. Viewers could create accounts or vote through their social media accounts in a seamless one-stop experience.

Working closely with the American Idol brand team, and show producers, we lead the development, architecture and launch of the new site used for seasons 13 – 15 (final season) of the show.